Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Please pray

for my son. He has another one of those BIG tests of the academic sort tomorrow. You may remember he said he barely passed last time, and he'd sure appreciate your prayers tonight and tomorrow.

So, this week, I am breaking bread with Kim! again. Your card is already in the mail since I have your address, but please email me or leave a comment with YOUR prayer request for this week.

I'm so full of hope that you're all experiencing joy and peace during this Christmas season. May God's blessings shower over you like a beautiful, tropical waterfall. Love YOU! Keep in touch & leave a comment and I may be breaking bread with you next week.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Give it up for

Lorie! I'll be breaking bread with her this week. Please be sure to leave a comment in order to be entered for next week's giveaway.

Whew! I hope I come out of the tryptophan (turkey protein) induced lethargy soon. It's a blessing to have so much, but I am going to have to learn (relearn?) moderation. We were blessed with EXTRA guests for Thanksgiving, and I was a little concerned about how that would work. Honestly, I've never had so many people over at the same time. Fortunately, I LOVE to cook, and we had the most spectacular weather. We were to eat outside on the deck which made ME even more thankful. My daughter kindly let me take a much needed nap yesterday, but I wasn't good for anything after that nap.

I hope all your needs are being met, and I'll be praying for good health, empty parking spaces, joy, and peace this week.